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tv   Today  NBC  December 4, 2013 2:05am-3:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody! what day is it today. >> it is booze day tuesday, december 3rd, 2013. >> and we're excited about it, because we have the salvation army band here. some of them. susan boyle to sing in the christmas classic. >> and bell ringers. >> cheyenne jackson is here. we're going to find out if these women trying to not gain weight
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over the holidays, we're going to find out if that worked. a lot of people saw you yesterday. and you talked about a fall or an injury. everybody said, i can't see it it. even our executive producer leaned into the screen and couldn't see it. >> that's testimony to how fantastic mario is. our makeup artist. >> this is a picture four days after. >> that looks like -- >> yesterday, by the way, it was a huge shiner. >> nobody cares, let's move on. the synthetics man thought he was in a scene from the "walking dead." >> we told you about the auburn and alabama game and how auburn pulled it out in the last second, literally. the alabama kicker is apparently getting attacked. not the kicker who missed the 56-yard field goal at the end. but there was another kicker that missed every single one. so this guy on his twitter account is getting so many --
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>> vile is the only -- >> vulgar, disgusting tweets that we can't read. none that we could show on the air that were acceptable. people get so crazy when their team loses. >> chris davis, the one who did make the touchdown he got a standing ovation in geology class. he's probably getting a standing ovation everywhere he goes. >> but what about the young man who missed the field goals. he's get something but not as vile. >> here's the thing, people get lathered up when their team loses. and videos of people in their own homes. remember when they showed those, people screaming and crying. >> it's emotional. >> but you don't threaten someone's life. >> no. >> immaturity. >> that's shameful behavior. >> yes. >> you're very disappointed. guess what there's going to be another game next year. every time you're disappointed in life, you're going to act that way? >> unfortunately, people are.
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that's why we have -- he's the major from the salvation army. but he's looking at me. >> don't look at kathie anymore. she's feeling self conscious. let's move on to george clooney, who you remind me of. george clooney is still looking for the love of his life. >> he did an interview with "w" magazine, he said in it he has not met the love of his life. >> well, he better change his wardrobe. if he's really looking. >> oh, my god. >> that's an unfortunate picture. >> and stacy keibler. >> and elisabetta canalis. >> a lot of names and lady friends through the years. i think he is one of those kind of gentleman who i think he's right he hasn't 34met the perso who is his soulmate. we want to nominate somebody, though. >> we do, we have the perfect match. >> but this is big. we think if these two people would get together. >> stop fighting and give into it.
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>> and her name is sandra bullock. >> we want those two kids to be happy. >> my god, look at them. they look perfect. they're both hysterical. really nice people. she said he's like her brother. no, he's not. >> in some parts of the world, that doesn't matter. >> i think you should try it. all we're says one weekend on an island. >> that's what you're saying, hoda. >> we're both saying. you have to be in it with me. you take one weekend and let us know how it works out. >> america would be very happy. >> they both epitomize so many great things. he was also asked, this is interesting, how he would want to die, which is a strange question. but he said, before my friends. i thought that was interesting. i was thinking about it, and i thought, i want to die before my children. i think that's one of the saddest things in the world when parents have to bury their own. but he doesn't have children. >> right, right. but how would you want to die? >> in my sleep. >> me, too. >> i'd want to be totally asleep
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and then that's the end of it. >> after a day where i learn something brand new. >> oh -- >> you know what, that's a good day. you keep learning. keep growing. >> what would be your last meal? what would you eat? >> i think it would have to be either a big crab feast which i love. >> yes, yes. >> or eggplant parmesan. >> oh! >> sorry. what would yours be? >> i might do a big pile of steaming, buttery mashed potatoes. >> uh-huh. i would probably do the great fried chicken. >> you know we're doing cut the creep today. >> whatever. and then i'd do a bunch of desserts. well, one couple that is happy, seems to be, john mayer, he's released a duet with new life love katy perry. >> do you think that's going to go the distance? john mayer and katy perry. >> they both came with some baggage. not that i didn't with frank, let's be honest. or frank with me.
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sometimes things can work out. but it makes. harder. he has a long list of very public breakups with ladies. >> and he talks about that. >> and she had a very public breakup with russell brand. her first husband. they did a duet of songs together called "who you love." let's listen. ♪ who youove who you love >> feel a little vibe to it. ♪ who you love ♪ ♪ who you love >> so far, i love the lyrics. ♪ who you love who you love >> it's who you love? in case you're forgetting, it's who you love. >> i'm sure it's a great song. >> sometimes we pick a portion of it and it's not fair. >> that was a good song. by the way, you guys, if you were watching the cmas last
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night, there's some kind of a christmas special. >> they're on every night now. i can't keep track. >> i can't believe it's already december. i'm panicking a little. >> you should. >> luke bryan was going to send a duet with a member of "duck dynasty" willie robertson. let's listen. >> oh, dear. ♪ round out your red neck family and watch rudolph the red nosed reindeer ♪ ♪ like jesus and santa claus we got nothing hoisting you up ♪ ♪ merry christmas and a happy happy new year ♪ >> the guy's got pipes. >> i don't believe he was auto tuned. i think he was singing live. >> now, they're going to do cds. >> they are. >> lordie. >> we liked them when they were here. >> we liked them when they were here. they were very entertaining. >> they were entertaining.
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so if you're wondering what the most popular baby names of 2013, the list is revealed. the top three boys names are, number three is liam. number two aidan. >> which was number one last year. >> and a new one this year, number one is jackson which was number two last year. >> cheyenne jackson on. top three girls names, olivia, emma and sofia for the fourth year in a row. and kathryn, my real name -- it went down the toy toy. hoda, great news, rose 15% in popularity this year. >> the immigrants from egypt are moving here. thank you for coming. we really appreciate it. >> another name that made it korey with a "k." that is from "duck dynasty." 89%. korey with a "k."
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we have the salvation army bell ringers with us. with us, kath's been distracted throughout the show. >> this is army major. when i did my podcast on saturday, i interviewed him for a good 10 or 15 minutes of the work of the salvation army. you never let on that you were going to come and be with us on monday. >> i'm so excited to come talk to you then and now be with you today. >> it's a shortened time between thanksgiving and christmas because thanksgiving came so late. we're reading you that guys are starting off in the hole. how much do you have to make up? >> five days short. $22.5 million. today is giving tuesday, really what we're trying to do is get the message out. we're so thankful for getting the message out. >> we have some of your band members here. we can't wait. are you guys going to come out ♪ >> oh. ♪ [ laughter ]
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>> oh, my goodness. >> that's called frick and frac. ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ [ applause ] >> is there auto tune? >> whoo! >> by the way, you bell ringers very creative. they don't just stand out there and -- >> they get aerobic exercise. they get involved. it's not your grandma's bell ringers. >> it's not like the old days where you rang a bell. now you have to catch people's attention. during this christmas season, you know, with the five fewer days, i mean, there are 4 million children that we're going to be helping. >> major, we so appreciate it. >> working with the salvation army, literally, you don't know who to give to, you guys, because there are scams out there. i've been working probably 25 years with the salvation army. the money goes to families that are needy all year. go to >> you guys are going to play? >> yes. ♪
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♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> parenting has never been easy but in today's world of technology things have gotten a little harder. in the simpler days of yes, ma'am, pardon me have fall bin the wayside. >> take a look at parental guidance where billy crystal's grandson has fun with his grandfather's name. >> instead of calling me grandpa, why don't you call me artie. >> can i call you fartie? >> that was kind of cute. >> i didn't know which one they were going to use. i think that is kind of cute. >> here to help us navigate social etiquette in hard times, is the author of "if i have to tell you one more time." >> hi, ladies. >> the problem that we're talking about all the time.
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we're not having face-to-face directions. we're not existing in irl, in real life. we're constantly here. we're interacting this way and it's really impacting how polite we are often how kind we are. >> does that change the rules when it comes to in restaurants, out with your kids with all the devices? >> it's changed the way we operate. this is the first time that kids have grown up on devices. what that means they're spending so much time on texting and social media, they don't have much time practicing in real life so they're not getting much training. >> it's critical to having a successful life. >> it really is. >> and the fact is they're missing out on it and what's also happening is, parents are buying into it also. you see families at the table, everybody's on their gadgets and devices. >> i was in a restaurant all the little kids had their headphones on, and their tablets. when the food came, they just kept eating. no interaction with anybody.
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it made me sad. >> it is sad. >> it's convenient for parents because their kids will behave. >> they're not learning thousand carry on a conversation or maintain eye contact or engage people. and they need those skills. >> let's talk about age appropriate. some parents don't know at what age should my kid be doing "x" and "y." let's say between the ages of three and six, what should a child be able to do? >> please and thank you. they can have general graces. they can be able to say may i have this or they can share appropriately. they can tolerate being told no. i think at the end of the day, that's where the problem lies, right? we aren't telling kids no. ultimately what is happening is they think it's okay anywhere and they are doing whatever they want whenever they want? . >> isn't it by the time of six
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if you haven't taught your kids the basics, it's almost too late. >> yes, by the time it's 7 to 10, they should be doing more sophisticated etiquette. good phone skills. engaging in conversation. helping others. they were have practice and role play at home so they're prepared in real life. >> some parents say if you do "x," i'll give you a cookie, for you do your homework, is there anything wrong with rewards or bribes, anything you want to call them? >> we'll go with rewards. it is a fine line between bribery and reward. the fact is reinforcement teaches new behavior. it just does. the more you reinforce the behaviors you want, the more likely you are to see them in the long run. bribery is a short-term thing. on occasion it might have a place. if you want to build something for the long term, you got to do it consistently. and reinforce all the behaviors you want to see. >> it works with dog training, hoda. >> yes, it does. >> i wouldn't know, but it does. >> we can talk about this forever. it is getting worse. we have nobody to blame but ourselves as parents. thanks, you guys.
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all right. he's appeared in countless tv series from "ugly betty" to "30 rock" to "glee." >> he has played to sold out crowds in carnegie hall and on broadway. >> now singer and actor cheyenne jackson is out with this first original album. it is called "i'm blue, skies." i love the title. so great to see you. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> hi. this is the first original cd. >> this one, you wrote the material. >> i did. >> so that's like your baby. >> as you know, you're giving birth to your own ideas and thoughts. it's vulnerable and exciting. >> can we hear a little bit? >> okay. ♪ i'm alive patiently waiting
2:27 am
for love to arrive i'm blue sky ♪ ♪ i'm blue, skies >> okay so. ♪ i'm blue, skies i'm blue, skies ♪ >> i saw that video. you know, i think i saw it like where they posted it, they said great video. that's got to be fun, too. >> so fun. >> you sent me this video about two months ago. i was so -- i just thought it was fantastic. tell us about the title "i'm blue, skies." >> it's two-fold. it means -- you know, i went through a lot of transition this year and a lot of wonderful changes in my life. >> tough changes. >> tough changes, yeah, but you grow from that. and you learn from it. i'm blue, a little melancholy but also i'm skies. >> yeah. >> i'm everything.
2:28 am
to me, it's a personal thing. there was a lot of conversation about the comma. >> you went through a painful divorce. >> yeah. >> and you went through -- you got sober. >> i did get sober. >> how is that impacting your life now? >> it's impacting me in every way possible. i'm working six more hours in the day. how do you get up at 6:00 a.m.? now, it's amazing. life has opened up in a whole new way. >> talk about how busy you are. >> six movies in one year. tell us about them. >> there was a movie called "the song." i filmed it in texas. it's about a songwriter struggling to find out who he really is. and his daughter enters him into a reality show contest. christopher lloyd played my dad. a movie "love is strange" with john lithgow. just got into sundance. that's exciting. >> that's a great one.
2:29 am
>> "beautiful now." >> that's a great shot. >> and pictures, it's so cute. >> cartoons, apropos. >> look like betty and veronica from the archie comics. >> you're coming back to broadway in the spring? >> encores. yeah. >> and "sound of music." >> what do you do when you're not working, by the way, cheyenne? >> i rest. i just moved to the other coast to be with my mom and my dad. just moved down there after 40 years in idaho. >> in idaho. >> still, northwest. i just rest and enjoy my time. >> we know we've always loved you. >> you've always been supportive. and i love you girls. >> the cd is really great. >> it's worth getting. >> "i'm blue, skies." >> talking about music, hoda. >> susan boyle has a song for us. >> we're going check in with the girls to see if they've had any luck cutting the creep. >> plus the man who put the pop
2:30 am
in the pop-up. robert wants you to get in on the act.
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2:32 am
and we're back on this tuesday with more of "today." get out those art supplies, everybody. for over a decade now, robert sabuda's incredibly popular childhood pop-up books have brought your favorite stories to life. >> and if you are nice maybe your kids will share those with you. >> and robert is here with the little mermaid not just to show off his work, he's here to show you how you can make pop-up art with us. >> can you download it if you haven't already. and go along with us. >> we should point out this is the book, "the little mermaid." i can only imagine a kid unwrapping this for christmas. here's the first page. ready. >> whoa! >> whoa! >> it's so cool. >> under the sea. >> i grew up in michigan and grew up in rivers in lakes.
2:33 am
i'm a scuba diver. so i spent a lot of time under the seas. it's a little bit of a calling. >> so this is such a completely different medium, though. this, i would think you probably didn't get it right about a thousand times and then you got it right. am i right? >> that's part of the process. that's why you get better. save time and money and make mistakes. you get better at it. >> where can people get this? >> anywhere, a bookstore. anywhere they like to get a book for christmas. >> i can't imagine creating a pop-up. >> we're going to do it. kathie said you can check the website. you can print these out and pop them out. i was nice enough to cut everything out for you. >> and you painted everything for us. >> if you don't have paper like this, this shiny beautiful paper like this, you can have the kids color them an do whatever you want. >> what are you making? >> a sea horse. the little mermaid had a lot of
2:34 am
seahorses in it. we're going to start. i did a little folding and cutting for both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we're going to take this center piece, this is the body. you see the red dot. there's a red dot on your card. >> how will everyone at home know how to do it? >> we jumped ahead with the instructions for you because of time. all the instructions are on the website. you'll know how to do it. the piece should be cut out on? >> you can use construction paper. you have a red dot on the piece. i want you to just lay down -- >> this is for dummies. i like it. >> as you put it in position. yes, very good. very good. everybody's got it. >> this is so much fun. >> now, i want you to close the card. i have sticky glue on both sides. when i do this with kids, i call it mashing. then you open it slowly and see if the body twists -- so -- there you go. this is the body. you have to mash it a little bit more. good. if you open it up, you see a little bit of the body of the sea horse there.
2:35 am
yes. >> okay. >> great, now. we're going to put the head on. i want you to take your head and pull off your piece of paper here. i got the pieces for you. a little adhesive. >> moving ahead. >> and you're going to put it on the left hand side there. right behind it. lay the head in. >> beautiful. mash it in she's way ahead. >> you people are moving too slow for me. >> i tried it -- >> this one goes actually -- right -- right there. now, let's take the tail. >> i like the tail. >> of course, do you. >> beautiful. we're going to put the tail right here on the bottom, right underneath. right there, right here. there you go. there's your tail. >> where? >> here. >> right there. excellent. >> he said excellent. right there. >> beautiful. how about an eyeball. take an eye out here. >> ooh, the eyeball. >> large, small, medium, stick it wherever you want.
2:36 am
>> i can't get the eyeball off. >> i got it. >> that's too big for him. >> no. take a fin. >> take a fin. >> stick your fin right here in the middle of the body. you there go right there. hoda's got the fin. yep, got it right there. stick it. >> stick it. >> okay. >> and now a holiday scarf. a beautiful holiday scarf for your sea horse. any color you want. >> i'm taking the red. >> i'm going gold. >> and put it on the head part right there. great, great. there you put two on. very good. >> you there go. >> she's never happy with anything. >> is that it? >> that's it. >> look at that. >> yeah! >> hey! okay. that's shocking. >> give one to ella and one to hannah. >> oh, thank you. >> and one for your mother. >> if you didn't print it yet, and you want instructions on how
2:37 am
to make the pop-up cards go to our website. >> don't let the holidays sneak up on you. and have they've been able to cut the creep. don't look. we're going to find out right after this. >> i love that music. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! shhhh. [ coughs ] i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] nope. [ sniffles ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting antihistamine to relieve your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! [ man ] shhhh! for fast cold and flu relief, day or night, try alka-seltzer plus day and night liquid gels. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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we're back with help so you can cut the creep! >> and not let those holiday pounds pack on between now and new year's. >> that's right. i know it's hard to say no to all those delicious delicacies this time of year without paying for it later. two viewers, melvina and kathy rizzo have enlisted the help of madelyn fernstrom. today, we're going to learn if they were successful at cutting the thanksgiving creep. first of all, how has it been for you guys? look, it was thanksgiving. >> were you both cooking? >> yes. >> it is hard because you have to taste it? >> were you careful, were you
2:42 am
thinking about everything? >> yes, it was tough. i have to say. i had seconds -- i did have seconds. >> for thanksgiving. >> yeah, it was tough. i love food. and the smell of the food cooking. so good. >> and your husband is no help. >> oh, he's a food devil. >> bernie -- bennie. >> bennie. >> part of the issue was not to be deprived. it wasn't all or nothing saying i'm not going to have all my favorites. to pick and choose, to use real ingredients for the things you love. and lighten up when you can but be mindful. it just means making a better choice. >> were you able to make better choices? >> absolutely. >> it should show up. >> well we'll see. melvina, we saw in the tease, you covered your eyes. do you think you're up weight, down or the same? take a guess. >> maybe a half a pound or a pound. >> up or down? >> up. >> madelyn, we'd like you to reveal the results? >> melvina is up two pounds but
2:43 am
before we think that's the end of the world -- >> melvina's depressed. >> that's why it's called the creep. it creeps up. >> part of this is going to be fluid retention. it's not absolute weight. >> it's sodium. >> did you do on your own scale? >>o, i didn't. >> we took everything off that we could. but the idea is to make friends with the scale for now. this is a wake up call. before you got on, you go, oh, i know i'm up. there were some things going on you want to learn from. all this is an indicator for next week, you want to double up your efforts and look at the things where you can improve. it's not really a bummer. you would have liked to have stayed the same. that's where we cut the creep. you'll nip this in the bud. >> i went to the gym today, i didn't want to get on the scale. i always weigh the same like 146, i was 149. >> so don't -- >> that's rude.
2:44 am
what was just terrible. >> that's what i don't get on the scale. >> what scale? >> don't feel bad. >> okay. let's move on. kathie. how to you feel now knowing what we know. >> i made a lot of sacrifices so i hope it's less. i don't want to know, though. >> your clothes can fit a little differently. >> yes. >> tell us, madelyn, the reveal. >> okay. >> down 1.2 pounds. >> oh! >> good for you! >> melvina now feels worse. >> i made you feel better, melvina, you're not alone. >> this may not be real weight. it could be fluid shift. you were paying a lot of attention. melvina this is for you to learn from saying i've got to wake up. i'm not going to put on some stretch pants. and you wore something with a belt which means i'm paying attention. this is where we're going with this, not this is punitive because you had a weight change.
2:45 am
it's a wake-up call. >> eggnog is one of the favorites. >> i love that. >> was there another alternative. i know we have drinks here. what are these? >> you like it with the works, rum, right? >> right. >> i do half and half with almond milk. >> there are two ways to do things there are people that go i want a small amount of the real thing. if that's you, have a teeny, three or four ounces of real eggnog. and going this is good. that's not melvina because she goes, i like to have several. so what you can do is have -- >> my kind of women. >> well, okay -- usually, then, you dilute it and water it down with something that's not water. almond milk. or we had our viewers wrote in and had some skim milk along with it. cut down on the booze a little bit. >> did you like how it tasted when you watered it down? >> no i think it tastes great. i didn't feel deprived at all. >> what about moving, working out? exercising? >> i just doubled up on exercising all weekend.
2:46 am
>> that's a great way to barter. we always think about food. if you walk about 20 minutes, that's about 100 calories. >> that's all? >> it takes five minutes to eat -- >> five minutes to eat 500 calories, two bites of mashed potatoes. and two hours to burn it off. someone like you, hoda, you're at the gym, you can use that to barter for food. most of us, unless you are really having a great workout have to be mindful. so we have for you, melvina and kathy, we have two pedometers. these are oldies but goodies. they are things for your wrist. >> take the stairs instead of the escalators. >> park further away. >> all of these activities of daily live will go burn calories. >> don't be discouraged. >> you will do awesome this week. >> i know. >> you're with us, you're going to do great. >> she is. >> yeah. >> we want to hear from all of you, share your healthy food
2:47 am susan boyle is going to bring it home for the holidays. she sings a classic for us right after this.
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♪ on the heels of making the movie "the christmas candle" grammy nominated and golden globe sensation susan boyle is out with a new album of holiday classics. it's called "home for christmas." >> singing the heartfelt song "i'll be home for christmas" susan boyle. ♪ i'll be home for christmas you
2:52 am
can plan on me ♪ ♪ please have snow and mistletoe and presents under the tree ♪ ♪ christmas eve will find me where the lovelight gleams ♪ ♪ i'll be home for christmas if
2:53 am
only in my dreams ♪ ♪ ♪ please have snow and mistletoe and presents under the tree ♪ ♪ for me for me ♪ christmas eve will find me where the lovelight gleams ♪
2:54 am
♪ i'll be home for christmas if only in my dreams ♪ >> and we'll be back with the special guest and more of "today" on nbc. ♪ i'll be home for christmas if only in my dreams ♪
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it is one of our proudest traditions. this year the toy drive is celebrating its 20th anniversary helping families. >> what a better gift than tapping into a child's creativity. here to donate craft items is sarah douglas from stampin' up. >> you guys have donated for quite a few years. >> this our ninth years. >> nine. this is our nine years. we're excited to donate paper
2:59 am
crafting products. >> and you helped your mom found this company, right? >> i've been more involved in the last years and it's great. >> i'm not great with crafts. but this looks like something i'd be able to do. tell us about these. >> this is a sampling of a kit we're donating. it's good for kids and families to capture the holiday memories. all the pieces are together. it's as you said, it's dummy proof. >> careful, sarah. >> you said that earlier, i think. >> i say nothing. >> and it's easy to do, and creativity is forgiving. >> and it gets your kids off their electronics, you're right. >> this is a high-tech world. this is a low-tech product. >> tell us how much you're donating? >> $650,000 worth of paper craft supplies. >> what? >> fantastic. >> oh, my gosh. >> a fun thing to be creative with. >> thank you to your mom and the company. and all these years of support. >> thank you. >> our toy drive continues through december 20th you can donate in person or on the plaza at the nbc experience
3:00 am
store or online. >> tomorrow she has survived. gloria gainer will be with us. >> and gifts for foodie in your life. >> and christmas tree alternatives. whatever t>> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause]


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